5.2% ABVNo Nay Never
Irish Red Ale

Will exhibit caramel maltiness with notes of toffee and a dry roasted finish.  This beer uses imported Thomas Fawcett Maris Otter malt from the UK as a base.  

English hops balance the sweetness of the malt.

5.2% ABVzZappalachian
Pale Ale

A traditional subdued malt background with West Coast C-Hops for bittering and Zappa Hops for flavor and aroma.  The Zappa Hops provide aroma and flavors of passionfruit, mint, spice, and tropical fruits.

7% ABVYakalachian

American IPA.  A slightly sweet malt profile with just a little caramel.  This beer will be clear and have a bit more bitterness.  It features all West Coast C-Hops from the Yakima Valley for bittering, flavoring and aroma.

5% ABVViennalachian
Vienna Lager

Amber colored and medium bodied that is slightly sweet with a little toasted flavor.  Malt and hops are nicely balanced for a smooth beer.

6.5% ABVCitralachian

A New England Style IPA that is unfiltered and unfined during fermentation or conditioning will be slightly hazy. This beer is softer on the palate and not aggressively bittered.  It is heavily hoped for flavor and aroma…just not bitterness.  This one as the name implies has an emphasis on citrus flavors and aromas.

6.5% ABVAzaccalachian

Like Citralachian, this is also a New England Style IPA that is softer on the palate.  This one features Azacca Hops for a tropical flavor and aroma profile and a West Coast C-Hop for bittering.

5.2% ABVHiker Trash
Blonde Ale

Slight malt sweetness with a slight graininess.

Hops contribute a floral, citrus aroma and flavor