Beer crafted in the toe of the Tar Heel stateA STORY

Appalachian Grail Brewing, LLC was founded in 2018. It all began the same as most other craft breweries…with a home brewing kit. In our case, it was a Deluxe Home Brewing Kit purchased from the James Page Brewing Company in Minneapolis, MN around 1995. It included everything but bottles and came with a tasty American Pale Ale kit and whole hops.

Our Process

It starts and ends with pure Appalachian Mountain water. The water comes from deep in the ground and is super pure. So pure that we have to add a few things to make it suitable for brewing. It is also cold at about 58ºF.

When the brew day is over, all solids are filtered out from the wastewater with special inline screens and the grains are fed to local cattle. Yeast that is not reused will be neutralized before disposal. The remaining liquid is then collected in settling tanks to remove additional solids and then treated in an on-site bioreactor before leaving the building very close to the way it entered.

Our Humble Beginnings

Many first-time brewers don’t have such good results with their first brew but in our case, it was very good. Then, the experiments with all-grain brewing began and yes, some real swill was brewed. I mean real swamp water. But we were fortunate enough to have a neighbor who would drink it. The best part: our swamp water drinking neighbor was actually from Louisiana. Seriously! Thus, the brewing addiction began and over the next couple of years, we assembled what was at that time, a state-of-the-art home brewing system. To the modern homebrewer, that fabulous home brewing system would now be a “barn find” antique.


In 1996, a second daughter came and by 1998, the brewing hobby went on hold. The golf game was next. Being a dad can be hard work and lots of fun. But one thing is certain: Earth is a much better place now that they are here.


In 2009, the home brewing hobby was resurrected but the old equipment had long ago been sold. New, much fancier home brewing equipment was acquired. Eventually a semi-automated home brewery that strongly resembled professional equipment including a motorized 3-roller grain mill, electric controls and a jacketed conical fermenter with a glycol chiller took over part of the garage.


In 2014, we registered for the Colorado Boy Brewery Immersion Course to get some education on opening and operating a real brewery. It is actually hard work. That course is highly recommended.

Present Day

Now, after 30 years in a corporate gig with millions of miles (seriously) in an airline seat, the dream is becoming reality.

Thanks to all the craft brewing pioneers including guys named Jack, Fritz, Ken, Jim, and many more. Because of them, we are able to do this.